Monday, January 6, 2020

Immigration Battle, Produced And Directed By Shari...

Ariana Vivas was only 9 years old when she handed a note to Illinois Representative Luis Gutià ©rrez during a press conference an advocacy group had organized. Ariana, like many young Hispanics, had been born in the Unites States. However, her father was part of the recent deportations that countless undocumented immigrants and family members dread. Ariana’s testimony of her father’s deportation is a common story among children with undocumented parents. The documentary, Immigration Battle, explores the controversial issue of immigration. Immigration Battle takes you inside the halls of Congress to give you a perspective of the fight for immigration reform, the debate, the politics, and how Washington really works. PBS Frontline’s documentary, Immigration Battle, produced and directed by Shari Robertson and Michael Camerini (2015), portrays the life and death of the immigration reform bill. The film initially follows Rep. Gutià ©rrez who advocates the immigration reform bill that would give millions of undocumented immigrants an opportunity to become U.S. citizens. The increase of Latino electoral voters encouraged Republicans and Democrats to fix the broken immigration system. On May 2013, the Senate passed a bill that would put millions of undocumented immigrants on a pathway to citizenship. To achieve this goal, the Senate needed the House to pass its own version of the immigration bill. If the House failed to comply, the Senate’s bill would expire and the next session of

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