Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Design Research Report Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Design Research Report - Case Study Example The researchers expect to assess and evaluate any gathering techniques that have been employed internationally by baseball teams in making identical changes, and will use the most current data available. Aspects of special interest will include statistics on local market visits, data on executive meetings and in-person discussions with baseball managing executives of various teams, any analyses on regional trends in terms of the use of new facilities by base ball teams, data on existing conditions in the Atlanta Braves’ local market, and the assessment of facility data from competitive regional sports markets and facilities. The matter to be investigated in this research will be of great value to sports managers and policy makers. In examining different aspects that play a significant role in determining the choice to relocate to a new stadium, or the option to renovate the existing stadium, there are greater possibilities of gaining a fresh understanding of how such decisions can positively affect both the teams in question, performance-wise, and the surrounding community. This research could also come up with new methods of determining the true effects of such changes on the team and the surrounding community. This study’s agenda ought to be able to assist by providing baseball’s policy makers with more information on how to fashion their investments in such a way that they get the greatest benefits from them. To meet this research’s objectives, the researchers will investigate the evaluation techniques, as well as examine the impact hypothesis from previous studies carried out in the last ten years. The researchers will also examine factors that ought to be considered by any baseball management team, in terms of social, economical, and property aspects, before deciding on renovations or the construction of new stadia. This research will also provide an opportunity to determine if an analysis of the research’s

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