Saturday, March 14, 2020

Creating a Network Environment essays

Creating a Network Environment essays In building a network environment, it is a good practice to follow several important steps to achieve an efficient and easy to maintain network environment. The five most basic steps to follow when building a network are planning and design of a network, setting-up of a network, testing, implementation, and documentation of the network environment. Planning is a very critical and necessary stage, and must be the first phase to consider when building a network. A good network plan can prevent the existence of complex problems. Or, should a problem exist when the network is already functioning, it can help in the identification of possible solutions. From Community Resources Online, following are some important steps that may help you plan a network environment for a medium- 1. Determine the minimum and maximum possible number of users of the network. This helps in identifying the types of hardware and software that must be implemented on the network. 2. Determine the most suitable type of network connection (Client/Server, 3. Will the users need a connection to the Internet or to other networks' If so, for data and security protection of the network, determine the 4. Determine the most suitable operating system for the network (such as Windows NT or UNIX). Remember that some hardware and software are not compatible with some operating system. In this method, it is also important to first know what hardware and software peripherals the 5. Determine the level of expertise or technical resources that are readily available to the business should a network problem exist. Knowing this factor helps in identifying the possible solutions that can be applied either temporarily or permanently for a quick resolution of network problems. ...

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